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Kitchens pull down and pull out faucets are a great feature for anybody’s kitchen. Theses faucets are similar but have some different features and uses. They are great ways to update your kitchen design. The faucets are modern, sleek, and have many great features depending on what your willing to spend.

The pull out and pull down faucets have distinctive features both integrate the original high pressure sprayer into the faucet itself making a clean look for your kitchen!

The differences between the pull down faucet and pull out faucet are quiet simple. The pull down faucet has a tall faucet sprayer/head and sometimes have shorter hoses but not in every case it depends on brand to brand. The hose pulls straight down into the sink. The pull down faucets has the same faucet sprayer/head but it pulls out towards the user. Both have there own disadvantages and advantages.

Here are some of the pull down faucet pros and cons.

-They are better with their ergonomic features with the movement of pulling down is said to be more natural than instead pulling out.

- Can fit tall pots pitchers and cups and under them due to the high arc.

- Most agree that they have a sleeker look then the other pull out faucets.



-Can cause more splashing if not careful opposed to pullout or non-pull faucets

-Hands free filling of pots pans and pitchers is hard to do when the object is not in the sink

- Users have also noticed high water pressure problems with really high arc pull down faucets due to the water having to travel and additional 8-10 inches.


Now here are some pull out faucet pros and cons.


-Easy to fill pots next to the sink. Simply pull the head of the faucet out then hook it on the object and turn it on. Once full move or slide the head over to sink.

-Better for smaller sinks or kitchen areas (has a more low profile design). Easier to fit in tight places.

-Not nearly as much splashing as a pull down faucet



-Not easy to fit tall pots or pitchers under it unless your sink is really deep.


Now if you’re deciding on which is best for you. The best way to decide is to go to a show room at local store and try it for yourself. But if you prefer working with a spray head then pull down faucets are most likely your best bet. On the other hand pullout designed faucets give you more to handle as your using it, which helps when you fill something like a pitcher or a pot. All in all the pull out and pull down faucet eliminates the need for an extra sprayer and helps the user work better and more efficiently.



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